Konaklı we are at your service for the ceiling!

Konaklı if you are looking for a roofing company, you are at the right place! You can also be among the special customers of our MT LED LIGHT company.

Stretch ceiling models are among the main choices of those looking for a difference in interior architecture. You can add a stylish atmosphere to your environment with models specially created by our company. You can decorate your ceilings, which are complementary elements in the decoration phase, with different tension ceiling patterns.

Mt LED LIGHT Mansion Pioneer among ceiling companies

Konaklı Stretch Ceiling

Tension ceiling within the sector; also called stretch ceiling or Barısol ceiling. Regardless of how it is called, if you are going to use a tension ceiling profile, you should agree with the company that works professionally in this field. Our company is standing as a pioneer of the sector by separating itself from other companies at this stage.

The need for a Konaklı stretch ceiling, especially Alanya, is meticulously met by our employees. You can choose between the tension ceiling models you want and apply applications to your home and office. At the end of the field examination and studies made in a short time, the tension ceiling models of your dreams are provided to you.

How is the ceiling made?

Our company is taking measurements on the area where tension ceiling patterns will be used. Preparations made with membrane materials before are completed and the area is prepared for application. Our customers are asked to choose between the types of tension ceilings. In the final stage, this profile is placed in the area and it is ensured that it gets its final form.

Konaklı as a tension ceiling company; we offer products that are resistant to heat, fire and possible situations. We must say that we have acted meticulously, especially with regard to stretch ceiling materials. We think of all the details on your behalf in order to gain your satisfaction!

Konaklı how much are the roof prices?


If you are determined to beautify the area you are in and add a different atmosphere, get an offer from our company immediately! Create your dream image with stretch ceiling corridor, kitchen or living room applications. Contact us for reasonable quotes based on the types of tension ceilings you will choose. Let us offer you our current prices.

If you agree, let’s start meticulous work on results you’ve never seen before at the Konaklı stretch ceiling service point. We are at your service with a quick finish guarantee and professional work.

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