About Us

MT LED was established in Alanya in 2018. With our team of experts in the field, we serve you not only in Alanya but also throughout Turkey.

MT LED designs  designs that appeal to the eye  in modern buildings, hotels and new generation residence buildings  in exterior LED lighting to add visual detail to the architectural structure.

In the architectural LED lighting projects that we design and implement, we not only add aesthetics to the building, but also prepare lighting projects according to the environment and the location of the building. We create market awareness thanks to our own production  products that have the features of Building LED Cladding, writing, visual detail display .

As MT LED, we use our products, which are controllable lighting technology that we produce  by paying attention to the project lines prepared by the project architect of the architectural structure and used for different purposes, to emphasize contour, linear or point lines in buildings. Thanks to our controllable RGB DMX Wallwasher and DMX products, we create different ambiances by coloring wide and high facades.