How to Make Avsallar Profile Led Lighting in 5 Stages?

Avsallar profile led lighting companies follow different stages during construction. As a result of each stage, the time to be affected is determined. There is a change between companies at this point. It is also the case that there are many people who are difficult to change the company due to their production time.

If you are going to be processed in a short time or with an aluminum led profile in a certain period of time, you should know the stages. The stages will inform you at the point of how long this process will take. So delay etc. You can reach the look you want without living with Avsallar profile led lighting companies. So what stages are ceiling lighting models made by going through?

Led Profile Lighting Production Stages

Avsallar Profile Led Lighting

Avsallar profil led lighting companies, which continue to serve in today’s conditions, can operate through different forms. At the same time, although similar stages are followed, the construction time can vary according to mastery, number of employees and general professionalism. However, the ceiling led lighting construction stages that take place with the general reputation are as follows:

1 – Examination of the Environment and Ground

The condition of the area and ground to be applied is important. If there are problems with the slope or different cause on the ground, they must be detected. Then, a suitable environment is prepared by making improvements.

2 – Deciding on Plastic Led Profile to be Made

It is decided among the led lightning models to be made with the customers. In the decision phase to be taken, the position, area and budget are taken. We help our unstable customers as Avsallar profile led lighting company.

3 – Starting Structural Studies | Avsallar Profile Led Lighting

The construction is given to the construction with the production of profile and led, both with the correction of the ground. Thus, all deficiencies for led profile lighting installation are corrected. In a short time, this stage is skipped and the assembly process is passed.


4 – Making Led Settlements

Leds are shaped by pasting them in the specified direction and shape. The electrical connection is also provided and adjusted to the profiles.

5 – Termination of Transaction by Installing Profiles

At the last stage, profiles are attached to protect the leds from moisture, dirt and dust, and other lights. With the final finding of the profile team phase, it will now be available. As a result of this use, the requests of the people are fulfilled.

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