Alanya Stretch Ceiling

Alanya Stretch Ceiling design and applications. We offer professional stretch ceiling services.

As the MT LED, we are implementing clamping roof applications in the Alanya region to suit your interior lighting needs and your main architecture. When we do clamping roof applications, we first care about esthetics and architectural integrity.

We combine dedication and rigorous work in our designs for you and aim to provide you with the most professional service. With quality materials and quality workmanship, we are working to enhance your spaces and add ambiance to your locations.

Our Stretch Ceiling models:

  • Digital printing Stretch Ceiling
  • 3D form Stretch Ceiling
  • Acoustic tissue Stretch Ceiling
  • Lake Stretch Ceiling
  • Transparent Stretch Ceiling

For detailed information on Stretch Ceiling You can check our page.

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What is Stretch Ceiling?

The tension ceiling system (also known as barisol ceiling) is extraordinary with its special design. It gives a visual feast in its places. It is often used in architectural projects with design and light details that do not define boundaries in ceiling and wall applications. Stretch ceiling is a product that always brings visual quality to the highest levels. The clamping roof system is heat-applied and is obtained by heating and stretching special aluminum profiles in different colors and textures, which can enter the desired shape. Alçı, alüminyum profiller ve LED ışıklarla hazırlanan zeminin germe bir kumaşla kaplanmasıyla oluşan gergi tavan, dekoratif tavan uygulamalarındandır. The clamping roof, which can be applied to any location, provides a bright and stylish look.

What are the Features of the Stretch Ceiling System?

  1. Stretch Ceiling material is a flexible material in terms of its structure.
  2. Fits any location.
  3. Whatever the location, the clamping roof system offers unlimited application.
  4. Its flexible construction helps to withstand shock and abrasion.
  5. can be implemented with ease.
  6. You can create unique decorations with different print options.
  7. It’s not affected by water and humidity.
  8. Smooth texture for easy cleaning.
  9. It can be removed and refitted quickly as required.
  10. No maintenance and no paint required.
  11. Lightweight Approx. 200gr/m²
  12. The fire does not ignite, Europe has B1 flamethrower certificates.
  13. hygienic.
  14. aesthetics.
  15. It’s not affected by ultraviolet light. (X-rays)
  16. The image can be printed on.
  17. Cracking doesn’t cause problems like breaking up.

Where is Stretch Ceiling Used?

  • Conference room Decoration
  • Cultural center
  • Cinema decoration
  • Wedding hall
  • Restaurant Decoration
  • Sauna & Bath (SPA)
  • Swimming pool
  • Stores, Interior decoration
  • Art galleries, Display stands
  • Shop decoration
  • Hotel lobby and reception, hospitals
  • Residential ceilings, Villas, etc.

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